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Tolerating mistakes – a false premise

The Chief Executive of UBS recently commented that tolerating mistakes would be a component of the bank’s  cultural transformation. In short, the thinking behind this is that if you fear making errors in your work, you will not own up to them when they happen. It also prevents any valuable Read More >>

The fallacy of corporate excellence

It’s probably not contentious to state that most organisations claim to value performance excellence. To name just one, Barclays plc has ‘excellence’ as one of its 5 core values.

Equally, you would probably have to speak with many Human Resource Directors before you found one expressing a dis-interest in developing


Why doing your best is not good enough

Excelling in academic exams requires a more sophisticated approach than trying hard 

It took me 25 years to work out how to learn. Years that comprised school exams, and multiple University and professional qualifications.

For much of that time I no doubt held a mindset that is common to students; … Read More >>

Giving in to temptation

How to sustain resolutions and increase self-control

Many of us use the turn of the year to make changes in our lives. This usually entails doing less of what we believe we shouldn’t do, and more of what we should. Common examples are eating healthier, fitness plans, reducing debt, and … Read More >>