CFA Exam Coaching

Studying for 300 hours and hoping that’s enough is not a strategy.

The failure rate in CFA exams is as high as 60%. Success involves more than simply understanding the course content. It requires the ability to persevere over several months of studying, making personal sacrifices, as well as thinking accurately under time pressure in the exam.

This programme complements those offered by curriculum content providers, by offering one to one personalised coaching designed to optimise your chances of passing. Specifically, it will help you:

  • Speed up how quickly you learn
  • Think clearly under pressure
  • Sustain high motivation & confidence
  • Minimise stress
  • Eradicate procrastination

Applying performance psychology techniques to help you excel at the process of learning, the programme will help you feel calm and confident throughout the process.

Delivered by a Performance Psychologist and CFA charter holder, with 13 years financial markets trading experience.